FAQs for Gilbert Junk Removal

Have questions for us? Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from our customers.

Gilbert Junk Removal is a private junk removal company that offers professional junk removal services for residents in Gilbert and surrounding areas in Arizona.

We offer a wide range of waste removal services for both residential and commercial customers.

We offer:

We will also facilitate all paperwork required by local government agencies for the hauling, disposal, and recycling of all removed items.

If you are unsure whether needed junk removal is covered by our services, don’t hesitate to call our friendly support staff and inquire.

Our pricing will depend on the volume of items that need to be removed as well as how many vehicles are needed to haul away the items. The price may also be dependent on the type and weight of the items.

However, we guarantee that our prices are competitive and that our quoted prices are final! There will be no hidden fees or additional charges that will show up on your final bill.

We accept cash, debit, credit card, or check. Full payment will only be collected after the job is finished.

Yes, @Happy Junk Removal (also known as Gilbert Junk Removal) we perform thorough and rigorous background checks on all our employees. We also have ample liability insurance for all our staff.

Your safety and peace of mind are our utmost priority, and we want you to feel confident in our Junk Removal crews when they are on your home’s premises.

Once you give us a call, an experienced team member will come to your home and personally check the items that you want to have removed. This service is free of charge and you will have no obligation to continue the contract.

If you confirm the contract, our scheduling team will find the closest available slot that is convenient for your schedule.

We have a variety of truck sizes in our fleet in order to accommodate any job size as well as any street size. However, our most commonly requested junk removal truck has a capacity of around 18 cubic yards of space. 

You can schedule an appointment by sending a request through our website. If you have urgent junk removal needs, you can also call us at 480-680-8254 so that your job can take priority.

If you are unable to make the agreed schedule, you can call our customer service hotline to have your appointment rescheduled. Rescheduling is free of charge and will not be penalized.

All items will be taken to the proper corresponding waste disposal or recycling centers.

We accept most items in both residential and commercial settings for junk removal. However, we WILL NOT accept medical waste, biohazardous waste, or dead animals.

Our cleaning crew is compensated with a competitive hourly rate, and we believe that it is our duty to go above and beyond for every contract that we enter. However, if you believe that our crew deserves a bonus for a job well done, we are grateful to you!

If you have any questions that were not covered in our FAQ, please give us a call! Our friendly customer service team is standing by to take your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!